Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
General Management

May 31 - June 1, 2021

Online Training

2 Days


8 CPEs

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Learning Objective

Appreciate the behavioral and contextual factors impacting ethical and non-ethical decisions in business, present a roadmap for ethical decision-making, explore relevant CSR practices and reporting standards, and analyze the critical success factors for an effective CSR implementation.

Course Description

This course introduces the role of business ethics and social responsibility in business functioning. The course explores ethical decision-making at the individual and organizational levels. In addition to introducing participants to a wide selection of relevant ethical issues in business, it explains the role of ethics and social responsibility at a strategic level.

Who Should Attend

All Managers at Various Levels.

Course Outline

  1. Business Ethics
    • Understanding individual behavior | Why good people sometimes make bad decisions
    • Can ethics be taught? Why be ethical?
    • Role of values in ethical decision-making
    • Role of culture & types of organizational cultures
    • A framework for ethical decision-making
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Introduction to CSR
    • Contemporary approaches to CSR
    • Criteria for selecting various CSR projects
    • Critical success factors for an effective CSR implementation
    • Reporting & communicating CSR initiatives

Areas of Expertise

  • Business and Organizational Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • International Human Resource Management

Language(s) of Instruction



Our instructors are seasoned professionals who add value through real-life examples to enable better implementation of the concepts learned.

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