GRC Assessment & Implementation

GRC Assessment & Implementation
Governance, Risk & Compliance

July 26-27, 2021

Online Training

2 Days


16 CPEs

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Learning Objective

Learn and understand the assessment procedures and what can be expected during an assessment of a GRC Capability.

Course Description

The assessment can be used for a full GRC Capability review, or it can be applied to a review of individual risk or requirement specific programs (i.e. anti-fraud program, privacy program, etc.), business units, sub-capabilities (i.e. hotline, risk management, values management, training, etc.) and at an enterprise level. The assessment procedures align with the OCEG GRC Capability Model™ and can be used for self-assessment as well as an independent assessment.

Who Should Attend

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Professionals, Internal Auditors, Finance Professionals, Internal Controls Professionals, IT Professionals, and Professionals Responsible for Providing Assurance in the Organization.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Help organizations evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of their GRC Capability
  • Reduce the cost of such evaluations by eliminating the time and expense of creating procedures
  • Raise the overall level of maturity and quality of organizational GRC globally by helping organizations create their prioritized improvement plans
  • Provide external judgment and recognition of sound practices


Course Outline

  1. GRC Capability Model Overview
    • GRC? Why Now?
    • Recent Business Trends
    • The Big Picture
    • Principled Performance
    • Principles of Principled Performance
    • Key Definitions
    • GRC Definition & Meaning
    • 10 Universal Outcomes of Principled Performance
    • GRC Concepts, Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Anatomy of the GRC Capability Model
    • Components
    • Elements
    • Practices
    • Actions and Controls
  3. Assessment Procedures
    • L – Learn
      • L1 External Context
      • L2 Internal Context
      • L3 Culture
      • L4 Stakeholders
    • A – Align
      • A1 Direction
      • A2 Objectives
      • A3 Identification
      • A4 Assessment
      • A5 Design
    • P – Perform
      • P1 Controls
      • P2 Policies
      • P3 Communication
      • P4 Education
      • P5 Incentives
      • P6 Notification
      • P7 Inquiry
      • P8 Response
    • R – Review
      • R1 Monitoring
      • R2 Assurance
      • R3 Improvement 

Areas of Expertise

  • Governance
  • Financial and Non-Financial Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity and Analytics
  • Internal Audit and IT

Language(s) of Instruction

English & Arabic


  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Professionals

Our instructors are seasoned professionals who add value through real-life examples to enable better implementation of the concepts learned. 

Accepted Payments