GRC Professional (GRCP) Workshop

GRC Professional (GRCP) Workshop
Governance, Risk & Compliance

March 8-10, 2020

Riyadh - KSA

3 Days

Intermediate to Advanced

24 CPEs

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Over 80% of participants who attend this course pass the exam on their first attempt.

Learning Objective

Earn a globally recognized GRC Certification from the Non-Profit Organization that invented GRC: OCEG.

Course Description

The GRC Professional (Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional) certification applies to executives and aspiring leaders. It ensures that an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and capabilities, and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities.

The GRCP certification gives assurance that participants have the core knowledge, skills, and understanding of managing and advising on risk, internal controls, key compliance matters and functions compliance, and how these must be integrated for effective and appropriate governance.

Who Should Attend

The GRC Professional Certification Helps Professionals Involved in Governance & Strategy, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance, Ethics & Culture, IT, and Security.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the core concepts related to governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)
  • Understand the key roles necessary to create an integrated GRC capability at your organization
  • Learn the necessary components to help your organization become a Principled Performer
  • Understand the OCEG GRC Capability Model
  • Develop and implement a GRC strategic plan
  • Align risk and compliance in context of your organization
  • Understand, define, and enhance organizational culture as it relates to performance, risk, and compliance
  • Implement GRC processes that are effective, efficient, and agile
  • Understand the information, communication, and technology’s role in a GRC capability
  • Understand how to use ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of GRC activities through metrics and measurement
  • Learn how to provide assurance on the GRC activities by using a risk-based audit approach
  • Obtain 3rd party assurance reporting on your organization’s GRC activities

Course Outline

  1. GRC Capability Model Introduction
    • GRC? Why Now?
    • Recent Business Trends
    • The Big Picture
    • Principled Performance
    • Principles of Principled Performance
    • Key Definitions
    • GRC Definition & Meaning
    • 10 Universal Outcomes of Principled Performance
    • GRC Concepts, Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Learn Component
    • External Context
    • Internal Context
    • Culture
    • Stakeholders
  3. Align Component
    • Direction
    • Objectives
    • Identification
    • Assessment
    • Design
  4. Perform Component
    • Controls
    • Policies
    • Communication
    • Education
    • Incentives
    • Notification
    • Inquiry
    • Response
  5. Review Component
    • Monitoring
    • Assurance
    • Improvement
  6. The GRC Capability Strategic Plan
  7. Providing Assurance on GRC Capability
  8. GRCP Exam Preparation
  9. Questions & Answers

Areas of Expertise

  • Governance
  • Financial and Non-Financial Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity and Analytics
  • Internal Audit and IT

Language(s) of Instruction

English & Arabic


  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Professionals 

Our instructors are seasoned professionals who add value through real-life examples to enable better implementation of the concepts learned.

Accepted Payments